Cyprien Gaillard – Nightlife

Sprüth Magers is possibly the fave artistic venue for SF in the whole of Berlin town, there are many others that would be worthy of this shout but today seeing Cyprien Gaillard’s Nightlife, a part of When Nature Runs Riot, basically was the perfect Tuesday tonic.

In a nutshell it is a 3D film shot over the course of two years in Cleveland, Los Angeles and of course Berlin, it is a 3D masterpiece bringing together nature and man made objects being affected by the elements.
I’ll explain it in short because you can read the full detail here, but truly you should just get your honey down there and see it for yourself.
You enter a huge gallery room space, you sit on the floor and put on your 3D glasses, exciting already right…?
On the huge screen you will see a huge swirling figure in greeny-gold-bronze oscillating seductively in front of you, but also jumping out of the screen thanks to the wonders of 3D. This is set to the most hypnotic and cool vibey reggae tune, apparently a mix of two tracks played together on a 9 second loop. One of these is below… the ‘I Was Born a Loser’ lyric is strangely beautiful and positive with this film.
You see fluffy fir trees swaying rhythmically in the wind set against some very industrial sites, forbidding signs and cityscapes. Then we move to palm trees being blown almost to pieces, again it has a certain rhythmic flow to it, calming with the seductive reggae loop. Each tree looks a bit like it is under the influence of some mind bending drug as it sways and convulses out of the screen. Next we are transported to Berlin, during a fireworks show for Pyronale above the iconic Olympic Stadion. A drone flies up from behind trees swivelling around and taking in the scenes as the fireworks begin to shoot in the air. The camera floats through the sparks and smoke, up and down, surveying the area and capturing Berlin and the Stadion in the back ground as the sky is lit up. The mesmeric music perfectly in time as the visual journey develops and envelopes all your senses.
To read the real description then please refer to this link…..

Berlin C/O – Blow Up – The Swinging 60’s Influence

Blow Up

Blow Up

England, or more accurately London would have been quite a place to be in the 1960’s, that is no new news. It was like everyone was high as a mo of and delightfully embracing their new found open minded approach to everything. The sex, the drugs, the music, the fashion, the liberation and everyone looked unfathomably cool. England was the don when it came to all things cultural, and one area where big changes and new routes were being taken were in photography, the likes of David Bailey, Don McCullin and Terence Donovan were taking fashion photography to a new place and the world was taking note. The C/O in Berlin, a favourite photography haunt of SF has had a rather delightful exhibition called Blow-Up, from the film by Michelangelo Antonioni. Now at the time of writing SF was not totally au fait with the film but it takes the form of a photographer and his shooting of models and also everyday life in a kind of paparazzo style, the main character is loosely based on all the photographical forerunners of the day, hence the exhibition splices parts of the film with shots from this era.

London as it was...

London as it was…

Being a former Londoner…. the shots of the Eastend were the perfect tonic today on what was a god awful day of hailstones and high winds. Can we have summer soon? We have a small selection here for your viewing but get down there before it shuts on the 8th….

The year that was in Lego

SF loves Lego, everyone loves Lego. Children around the world let their imaginations go wild to these little block of plastic. Anything, even if at first glance seems perfect or without comparison can be improved by Lego. I think all advertising should have a lego version, music videos would be far more appealing made in glorious Logo-colour, big budget movies would also be improved. Imagine porn in Lego…. hold up that’s just plain weird, but you get the idea.

2012 was the finest year in living memory for London, for the UK in general it was annus mirabilis, key events such as the Jubilee and Olympics make the top ten moments of the year… and now in Lego. Created by a certain 18 year old called Harry Bossert. Enjoy.

SF does to agree with all entries (Psy, Twat McCartney) but the medium used makes it ok

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Soooo Kanye…. Directorial debut

So Kanye....

This blog is abount, art, street art, music, fashion, marketing, lifestyle and checking out what Kanye West is doing.

So I do not know too much yet but already it sounds brilliant, here it is. He is going to debut a film at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, it is in the genre of Thriller and only lasts 30 minutes. Other information available is that it will feature other wordsmith friends.

But the best bit is that he has not even started it. In typical Kanye fashion, he will not start until the final moment and then have ultimate confidence that it will stand up to anything that Scorsese or the Coen Brothers can throw together over a year or two of production.

Nothing this man can not do, MC, sing, model, act, fashion designer, award ceremony invader and now director.

Soooooo Kanye.

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