Fun to stay at the Lego YMCA

A weekend spent at a house with little people basically involves a lot of building Lego kingdoms, spaceships, cars, trucks, airports, schools, shops, homes, castles, dungeons and it would appear clubs for homosexuals. Brilliant to see 2014 and Lego is driving diversity and a sense of humour.

SF presents the Lego Village People

Diversity in children's toys

Diversity in children’s toys


Picture of the Day – Adrian + Shane

Something from Soho today.

Adrian + Shane are a couple and a couple of artists. They are really quite cute on their Instagram page and generally if you wonder around London and Berlin you can spot signs they have been there. See below.

Adrian + Shane

Adrian + Shane

SF will revisit these lovely chaps in more detail another time

Cocks…. and lots of them

Insert here

Insert here

SF likes a little bit of oddity, some flesh, some controversy and hell…. Some cocks.

The soon to finish ‘Keep Your Timber Limber’ exhibition at the ICA covers all of the above.

Beverley Knowles

Beverley Knowles

Regardless of your persuasion, gay, straight or indifferent, the visage of a unfathomably large member is always going to raise a smile.

Cock Fighting

Cock Fighting

Just a few pictures to share, and the focus of the exhibition was gender, sexuality, politics, war and censorship with artist ranging from Tom of Finland to Mike Kuchar, Beverley Knowles and Judith Bernstein.

Iconic Tom of Finland

Iconic Tom of Finland

The images are startling and powerful but also often playful and fun, but other times dark and quite disturbing.

The Toyshop Gay Orgy

The workings of the minds of SF would be a rather interesting, weird and twisted collage of pictures. Not so dissimilar to that mind altering video from A Clockwork Orange. Even as a child the games played were more surreal than others and one of those involved Action Man getting very well aquatinted with Panthro while Lion-O watched on. Barbie was not allowed to get involved.

Anyway I spied upon this through a shop window off Brick Lane and it brought memories flooding back. The idea of changing something very innocent to something amusing, sordid and adult is something that has long been played with my artists.

This one has been christened ‘God Hates Storm Troopers’

That gay jail scene

The title for this one is, ‘There was eleven in the bed and the butch on said… Give Head’

Cosy Action Man

Things i’ve seen….

Wondering around London on my bike taking in a few things as I go….

London Faberge egg hunt is underway, I’ve seen loads but cannot be bovd to post all of them, if I spot a nice one, I’ll be sure to share… and maybe take home

St. James Park Egg

Some people feel deep shame for eating McDonalds and will not admit it… I am sometimes one, but I have come out to bigger things. I eat a double cheeseburger from time to time… and what?

Anyway liked this just off Brick Lane… not easy to spot but funny and a bit cute I think… call me crazy ya’l. I think it amused me as it is a comment on society, so many kids in the UK are reared on the golden arch and here is a baby ‘Donalds!

Happy meal anyone?

Street art doesn’t need to be beautiful in an artistic way, it can be simple, it can be words and it can be something that makes society look at it’s self or just raises a lil smile

One Love