Picture of the Day – Who said Germans were not funny?

The dish of the city we call home. The Döner Kebap, much maligned on the shores of GB but here it somehow manages to taste a whole lot better. Vive das Kebap

Humour Kebap

Humour Kebap


#Banksy – Street art’s very own Mr. Marmite

Say what you will about Bristol’s finest but he makes sure people do not forget him, every new piece he stencils in London, Bristol, New York, LA or any other city for that matter.

I am not that fussed by Banksy’s work on the basis that I do not think he is doing too much to push the boundaries, bring the humour or be particularly political. The piece I spotted today is pretty, no denying, the colours make it something very easy on the eye but…..

Woe is Banksy

The idea of an artist with a ball and chain around his ankle, is he for real? In today’s day an age artists are hardly constrained, street artists can graf pretty much where they like within reason and they are making a packet from it. And why the hell not, I think they should. My question to Mr. Banksy is how the bejesus are you being constrained?! I’d wager you are sitting pretty pretty me ol mucker. Those shows in NYC and London, celeb fans such as Brangellina, the film. Banksy must be comfortable enough to be a bit more imaginative.

Also I know that is his style but something makes me wonder if he could do anything else….

See Above


Things i’ve seen….

Wondering around London on my bike taking in a few things as I go….

London Faberge egg hunt is underway, I’ve seen loads but cannot be bovd to post all of them, if I spot a nice one, I’ll be sure to share… and maybe take home

St. James Park Egg

Some people feel deep shame for eating McDonalds and will not admit it… I am sometimes one, but I have come out to bigger things. I eat a double cheeseburger from time to time… and what?

Anyway liked this just off Brick Lane… not easy to spot but funny and a bit cute I think… call me crazy ya’l. I think it amused me as it is a comment on society, so many kids in the UK are reared on the golden arch and here is a baby ‘Donalds!

Happy meal anyone?

Street art doesn’t need to be beautiful in an artistic way, it can be simple, it can be words and it can be something that makes society look at it’s self or just raises a lil smile

One Love