Share and share alike and like and share – all offline

Plug in, drop in, plug out, drop out

Plug in, drop in, plug out, drop out

This week we spotted something that has been doing the rounds for a long time over the sea and far away in the US of A, but it was started by a Berlin artist in 2010, so it has it’s roots in this here hub of creativity. It is called Dead Drops

Aram Bartholl was living in New York when he came up with an art project to allow people to share ideas, thoughts, texts and images physically and not through the new / old tried and tested route of the interweb.

Aram Bartholl started a movement to place USB sticks in public places, secured with concrete and poly filler for people to access the content on the sticks, leave their own content and to potentially build on others ideas.

The sticks have been placed outside galleries, in subway stations, in deserted street brick walls and anywhere that the public might be able to spot them.

More information on this can be found through this article, we will let you read there.

The idea of art sharing is nothing new and something that we love at SF, collaboration between strangers is quite an interesting idea. To allow another to take on your idea or work and shape it is the perfect way to allow organic growth, a pure kind of progressional collaboration.

There is a Dead Drops website that charts where the USBs are, we are yet to find one in Berlin or even in Germany, indeed it seems Europe has not got fully on the vibe, there is one in good Old Bristol, a couple in Italy and on in France. Maybe a time for SF to start this….

Moon Art…. This is a first for my peepers

I work in marketing and a previous numbskull of a boss who rarely came up with any good ideas but claimed everyone else’s ideas, once piped up with this corker. That he was going to project the logo of one of our very well known clients on to the moon. F-ing dork. That just reinforced my thought that we leave the moon alone to be pretty, signify flouro influenced parties on Thai islands and to beckon the wolves out when full.

Turns out I was bang wrong.

Moon on a string

This by Laurent Lavder proves I was bang wrong, following on from a previous post Cheekie lil ruskie here is another brilliant and playful; use of the world we live in to create images. I personally like the reading one most but they are all pretty sweet

Moon paint

Seen on Huff Post