First seen in March 2012, SF christened the wasteland the Graffiti Graveyard that was until it became a street football pitch complete with paint on walls and astroturf.



An oasis of colour and action off of an Eastend housing estate, spitting distance from the hispster homested of Broadway Market. Encouraging to see something beautiful, useful, socially enabling and owned by the locals in the Eastend. Sure I have missed it and it has already happened but just waiting for a Nike advert to be filmed here.  They are proper urban afterall innit

Owed much

Owed much

Blue corner

Blue corner

Every few months the walls are re-sprayed by local and visiting artists, the only wall that has remained is the King Robbo wall. Maybe this will remain until he is 100% back on his feet after his coma

I had a dream and left it underground

I had a dream and left it underground


Tags and paint

Tags and paint


Banksy book – If ya’l interested?

Banksy book

Banksy divides opinion but one thing you have to admit is that he is the most well known of our street arting chums. He clearly has made a fortune as everyone from Brangelina to your nan has a print from our undercover Bristolian. Another book is out now from Paul Gough called the Bristol Legacy, I wonder if Banksy gets a cut…

I like some of the stuff he has done but sometimes it does feel like he is using political statements for the sake of it, it feels a little diluted. I get he wants to say something but he can try and retain a little bit of perspective and sense of humour.

Also to be honest the whole Robbo vs Banksy thing started of as mildly interesting if a little disrespectful and now it just seems like a stunt that has gone badly wrong.

Graffiti Graveyard – East London’s best kept secret

Graffiti Graveyard

Today I found a gem, an absolute gem in the East End. I have never seen it before on any other website or been told about it…. surely others have spied it?!

Bang-up, back-up

I have named it Graffiti Graveyard because it is a wasteground, a dead area which may have formally been to be a basketball or football court, now it is littered with rubbish, beer cans, spray cans, bins, wood and general crap. But on each and every wall of this enclosure there are bright, vibrant sometimes poignant pieces of street art. There is a tribute from Team Robbo to their fallen leader and various other RIP pieces and tributes, therefore the Graffiti Graveyard feels spot on.

King Robbo


Now for any regular readers you will know I am conflicted when it comes to giving away the exact location of pieces of street art, personally, and it is only my opinion, I think it should be discovered and not advertised explicitly. So all I will say is that it is in the Broadway / London Fields area of London.


Access Play

Toast anyone?

Plus there is a naked man….

Nice beard, small dick though