David Beckham and the sperm donor


SF is not the usual place to find preening footballers, especially ones who are quite so over exposed but being as this is a blog about marketing, art, fashion, tattoos and general perving…. Monsieur Beckham makes the cut on this occasion.

Focused marketing

Focused marketing

Today saw the launch of Becks new kecks, basically he is good at selling pants and since leaving CK to create his own line for H&M his coffers have swelled more than the underwear of a gaggle of gays standing outside H&M staring at Golden Balls close up.

These days it is not good enough just to launch a new line, you have to do something more. Sports brands have this down to a tee with their epic adverts featuring stars such as the Brasilian football squad, superstar ballers such as Kobe, Tiger and the Irish Tiger etc. On this occasion H&M added Becks to a very well known Brit director and former Madonna sperm donor and a bit of Hollywood dazzle to create a Becks knob fest.

Originally planned for 30 seconds (apparently) the ad is a full 90 seconds of David running around in his smalls after getting locked out of his house. It is a ridiculous premise but it is an ad so that matters not.

What I find more interesting than the big name combos, the setting, the storyline, the extended cut, the underwear, the hype about the premiere on Channel 4, etc, etc is that back in October, media worldwide were awash with stories about Becks being caught in his underwear and unsuspecting tourists coping an eyeful.

A masterful marketing guy getting a little bit of pre – interest, and free publicity for H&M and Brand Beckham or just an accident. I’ll leave you to make that call.

Either way I’d hazard a guess that most straight women, gay men and even some straight men would happily remove that pair of H&M undies. SF would only do it to find out if it is true that he has a Prince Albert