Best of the Shadow Puppets – Noble & Webster

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Noble & Webster – I heard about this duo a little while ago so it was with baited breathe that I waited for the next opportunity to see their work in person. It arrived in the shape of Nihilistic Optimism at Blain Southern.

Shadow Chic

Many artists are too studious, too serious, too up their own fucking arse…. no names mentioned ahem. Tim Noble and Sue Webster are like the rock n roll version of artists, ones that you can well imagine living slightly in hedonistic debauchery. The now estranged couple were once married, married in fact by one Tracey Emin, the holy matrimony did not last however and for the sake of their creative partnership they had to split. Since then they still work together and thank goodness for that.

Solo Shadow

Through their Shoreditch studio designed by David Adjaye, the Dirty House, they have created some of the most visually striking pieces I have seen.

Shadow Man

On first site the constructs look like industrial piles, thrown together with abandon and with more of a maverick approach, but once shine the bright light through the shapes at the correct angle something beautiful appears across the wall.

Lone Shadow

Each of the pieces when placed together in a certain order with the correct spacing will shine a silhouette

Shadow Lands

SF does not own a big studio to house one their pieces but we are currently considering removing all the lounge furniture in order to house one of these creations.