A dip into the ICA

Sometimes you want a quick artistic immersion, short and sweet. Like a quickie before heading out to meet friends. Well the ICA is SF’s fave for this very thing.

See what you will......

See what you will……

At the moment you have Lutz Bacher with Black Beauty , Design by John Cheim and Zhang Enil’s Space Painting

Mini review now.

Lutz Bacher, loved the imagined chess board, it has a life size Elvis after all, very playful and something easy to relate to and interpret as you please. SF enjoys art that does not give a prescriptive or obvious meaning but merely sets some themes and ideas and lets the viewer wander and wonder of into them.

Design – John Cheim, iconic collection of books he has designed for a variety of names such as Warhol and Bruce Webber featuring Madge, Matt Dillon and a fellow draped in a wet dog.

Zhang Enil’s Space Painting, taking over the entire room by the café, long brush strokes create a very smooth effect. For SF the effect is not dramatic enough/. Personal taste and all that