David Beckham and the sperm donor


SF is not the usual place to find preening footballers, especially ones who are quite so over exposed but being as this is a blog about marketing, art, fashion, tattoos and general perving…. Monsieur Beckham makes the cut on this occasion.

Focused marketing

Focused marketing

Today saw the launch of Becks new kecks, basically he is good at selling pants and since leaving CK to create his own line for H&M his coffers have swelled more than the underwear of a gaggle of gays standing outside H&M staring at Golden Balls close up.

These days it is not good enough just to launch a new line, you have to do something more. Sports brands have this down to a tee with their epic adverts featuring stars such as the Brasilian football squad, superstar ballers such as Kobe, Tiger and the Irish Tiger etc. On this occasion H&M added Becks to a very well known Brit director and former Madonna sperm donor and a bit of Hollywood dazzle to create a Becks knob fest.

Originally planned for 30 seconds (apparently) the ad is a full 90 seconds of David running around in his smalls after getting locked out of his house. It is a ridiculous premise but it is an ad so that matters not.

What I find more interesting than the big name combos, the setting, the storyline, the extended cut, the underwear, the hype about the premiere on Channel 4, etc, etc is that back in October, media worldwide were awash with stories about Becks being caught in his underwear and unsuspecting tourists coping an eyeful.

A masterful marketing guy getting a little bit of pre – interest, and free publicity for H&M and Brand Beckham or just an accident. I’ll leave you to make that call.

Either way I’d hazard a guess that most straight women, gay men and even some straight men would happily remove that pair of H&M undies. SF would only do it to find out if it is true that he has a Prince Albert


Dalston – The late night beer stop

We have all been there, you finish at the pub at about whatever a clock, someone makes the call and it is ‘back to mine’ territory. The next stop is the booze store, more than likely selling you drinks past the legal trading hour.

If you are anything like my lot then there will be a mixture of vodka, cider, vino, some random spirit for downing and then beer and more than likely Red Stripe. In a pub you would rarely choose it but  in a gig or for an after party it seems right.

This great film shot in Dalston shows the scene of which I am speaking. With of course a lil twist, the shop comes alive and starts playing a tune that is always a fixture of any good self respecting East London after party. To say this rings a bell is to do it an injustice. Simple. Cheap. Clever. Funny. Familiar. Red Stripe.

Apparently you should tweet #RSCornerShop

Olympic flashback with Usain Bolt care of Jimmy C

SF was not the biggest fan of the Olympics originally, a little concerned about what it would bring and what the legacy would be. Today a wee pang of Olympics withdrawal hit home which lead to a little pointer to one thing we still have to enjoy from the greatest games ever.

He’s not the Messiah he’s a very speedy bwoy

James Cochran AKA Jimmy C created this massive piece of a certain fast runner who goes by the name of Usain Bolt, a huge and permanent (semi) reminder of what went on over the space of roughly two months when all eyes were on London for the Olympics and Paralympics.

At the risk of sounding a bit like a marketing pessimist, I think that Puma had a hand in this somehow, seeing as there was a massive Puma party throughout. Whatever it did not have their logo on it and it looks sweet.

Back to the original point though… what else will London see as it’s legacy. There are still some great Olympic leftovers from street art, to posters, to flags to Londoners being proud and a little nicer. The legacy of the stadium, centres and equipment….. what’s next?

E-Pizza from Dubai

StandardFact loves a bit of creativity, is enamored by imagination, all about the convenience and partial to a pizza or two. Like many creatures of habit the order is always the same. Triple pepperoni in case you were wondering.

Well this idea takes all of the above, and then makes it into one technological yet uber simple solution to the age old problem of having to speak to the guy on the other end of the take out line who invariably is on a shite phone line, speaks only rudimentary English and takes an age to get your simple order wrong.

Dubai based pizza company Red Tomato Pizza came up with the ingenious idea of creating a fridge magnet that links to your WiFi, simply press the button on the magnet and it sends through your usual order to the restaurant. A simple text to confirm message is sent and hey presto! Pizza to your door and minimal effort used.

This idea is amazing because of it’s simplicity, the technology is there and it has been harnessed in a project that cost only $9k. The world coverage, SM buzz and kudos has paid this back many times over. On the back of this innovative solution numerous offers for  franchises around the globe.

Just shows that a good idea does not need to break the bank

Nike Hyperdunk+ Old Street stunt and Beats By Dre seeding

If you are not an official Olympic sponsor then you are pretty much not invited to the party. Sponsors have paid millions to be the official fast food, soft drink, credit card etc etc etc.

So If you are going to do it then you have to be brash, up front and above all a little clever.

Nike have branded up some of the top athletes feet, which is a standard tactic. Nike wanted something more disruptive in the Eastend, so they went huge with thew biggest Nike kick SF has ever seen. Nike owns Team USA basketball and the Nike Hyperdunk+ worn by some of the biggest basketball players at the games can clearly be see on Old Street opposite Mother Bar

Another clever ploy has been by the earphone manufacturer, Beats by Dre have visited Olympic team hotels, setting up a room and inviting competitors to pick a pair of their liking. So the fact you have seen Olympic hero Michael Phelps amongst. They have had to pay nothing for this brilliant awareness, being shown on TV channels across the globe and in countless photographs. Making Beats by Dre earphones the official unofficial earphones of London 2012

I can’t hear you….


We have bemoaned the way sponsors have acted in such a overbearing fashion, so it is nice to see some creative tactics employed. Though without these sponsors spunking millions then we would not have the games. Double edged sword

Cope2… well really it is about Kate Moss

Hot mess

NYC based graf artist has a new website, I do not think it is fully finished but looks alright. Could do with showing some more of the older back catalogue. I’ve picked it out because it is a great example of an established graf artist making himself a commercial product.

It shows that graf artists from any generation are a business and as such they need to sell themselves. Cope2 has his statement on his site, eulogising about what he does, influence, techniques and his journey. There is his CV which is actually where he has exhibited and then there is the history naming all the brands he has worked with.

Street art is so accessible and open for everyone to engage with, I think this is a great thing, from the years of making no money from it at all to today where it is hung in the biggest galleries across the globe. In my marketing career I have used street art for brands from fizzy drinks, to cars, to beers to sport equipment and it always draws a crowd. The key to using something cool and underground is how to make it relevant and interesting to the casual fan and the hardcore street art community. And to make sure you are adding to a scene rather than ripping it off.


True Life with la Moss

Obviously I picked this out for the obligatory Kate Moss piece… love la Moss.

Branded from Childhood

I might have mentioned I work in marketing, for my sins…. As a marketeer I am acutely aware of the power of a brand, the imagery, the iconography, the messaging and how much is spent on a brand.

From childhood we begin to recognise brands and we know what we like and don’t like. For instance as a kid I would only eat Kellogg’s cereal and never own brand, I have always been a Coca-Cola guy and not Pepsi, Nike was always my trainer and shell suit of choice and anyone who’s dad drove a skoda was clearly a pikey.

This video shows the brands recognised in our world today… by a 5 year old. Ahhhhhh!

No surprise that Apple gets a name check, I think even a blind dog would recognise Apple


Enemies of Creativity

Working in Marketing for x years means a part of job has always been about coming up with ideas, swapping thoughts with others and trying to create something which will excite, motivate or mobilise consumers. This is the part which has always interested me, the part that motivates me to do well, sometimes the bit that stops me from jacking it in and going on a 20 year traveling jaunt to create a supremely leather tanned body suit with no white bits.

What really surprises me and disappoints in equal measures is that some people go into a brainstorm or approach a brief with all the negatives and constraints rather than thinking about what is possible.

My latest role is at a very well respected, very well run agency with some good clients. I’ve been tasked with bringing some fresh thinking and a different approach to creativity and idea generation. I have been involved in a few brainstorms already and have witnessed just how easy it is to kick off on the wrong foot just by the negativity of a few people, this usually results in others losing confidence to say things and the final ideas are uninspiring and lacking any wow factor.

As the new creative lead, I present my initial recommendations on changes which include some simple changes like bringing visual stimulus to the room, inviting external people, thinking of the problem through the eyes of other people, plus a few tried and tested brainstorming techniques, but in honesty maybe the simplest solution of all is to ban those who are going to bring negative can’t do attitudes…. Can I start banning people already?

I’ll let you know how I go….