Vivian Maier – The Original Street Photographer and Godmother of Selfies

A selfie before they were invented (and shit)

A selfie before they were invented (and shit)

You should have seen the documentary on Miss Vivian Maier already, if not then do so and then you will be compelled to see the photography for yourself.

Vivian Maier was a curious character, very much a lady who pet herself to herself, a woman who looked after children as a job but according to different reports could be a rather cold character. Not a huge amount is known about Maier apart from the accounts of  the families she worked for, her secret life as the most prolific street photographer perhaps of all time has only just come to light.

Maier died in 2009 and until then her huge body of work went unseen, until it was bought as a job lot by one fellow who spent hours sifting through the many boxes and realising he had hit upon gold. The exhibition has been around the world and now finds itself in Berlin for a small but perfectly formed retrospective at Will-Brandt-Haus, it is on until 12th April and is free, this is one exhibition to make sure you include in your schedule.

Maier was a curious character but also supremely adept at capturing people out of pose, in their natural environment and while they were not playing up to the camera. The subtly and lighting in her shots create a beautiful depth and story to each shot. The fact that she did not develop any of them, or name them means that these stories are somewhat lost but that adds to the beauty of the exhibition, sometimes you can have too much information.

Maier’s shots span NYC, SF, Chicago plus her travels to France and the Far East, the majority are black and white with some more recent colour versions. Maier was also the true originator of the now much maligned ‘selfie’, but in her technique it looks cool, stripped down and not showy at all. I worded how it would have sat with her to know she was the original selfie dropper…..


Sweet Toof in NYC

So you spend most of your living days in the Eastend of London, you spot Sweet Toof absolutely everywhere, he pretty much has this party of town sewn up. Think I a m k  i  d  d  i  n  g ?

Then you go for a wee break in NYC and this is there….

Mobile tache n Toof


New York City – Favourite Shots from November ’12

No lack of things to gawp at in NYC, here are the best shots from the recent jaunt to the grande apple

But I still do

This was in the toilet of a drift store…..

Arse on the King’s face

Never a massive fan of religion but this makes a little more sense

Dope on Bedford Av

So if religion needs security then we are all screwed then right….?!

ADT looking after an imaginary women

Little word in you ear

NYC words


Artists impression of war and religion

Then I went shopping

15 bucks for style

5Pointz in NYC – loads of paint

i spray….

5Pointz in Long Island, NYC. This is a tricky one. It is visually pretty inspiring and has become a graffiti mecca of sorts, known worldwide and attracting artists young, old, famous, infamous, good, bad and ugly. It was created as a place where artists could come and paint to their hearts content without the worry of prosecution thanks to a guy called Pat Dillilo.

Wall art

pinky and the brain esq



Big noze

That might be the thing that be the one thing that actually is a draw back. I always liked the idea of discovering the art and scribbles and not being spoon-fed it. I liked the idea that graf artists would have to work in the cover of dark, ready to make like Usain at any minute for fear of the fluff. The idea of have a safe sanitised area to create their ‘illegal’ pieces doesn’t ring true….

In the corner

Now who sounds like a tosser. Fuck it…. is it great check it out!

y’al pussy

Cheerful bomber




NYC – Soho – Brooklyn – Manhattan

Just a few snaps from the NYC trip just gone. Still to come random art works, Brooklyn graf and 5Pointz

24th fl @ the Mondrain, Soho, NYC

Love on the streets of Soho

Toilet art in the West Village

Fenced off art

Frozen yoghurt art

Camp pink elephant

Williamsburg paint

Britz @ 5Pointz

The view from Williamsburg in November….

24hr Cupcakes – Now that is what I am talking about

No trip to NYC would be compete without a Red Velvet, I’d wager that a lil cupcake is far better for the waistline than a burger, chips, pizza or some rotten kebab.

What is the pin code for cake?

Sprinkles Cupcakes have already introduced a 24hr cupcake vending machine in La La Land but I’d sooner go to NYC and they are soon to start popping up there too. The idea of a vended life is not a new one of course, crisps, T-shirts , Nike footballs and even Coke got in on the act and vended ‘Happiness

Cupcakes are very en vogue at the moment and they are darn tasty, how long until we something similar in Soho or even Shoreditch, I give it roughly 3 weeks.

Patrick Cox are you listening?