Scream and shout

Sexy Lego

Sexy – Lego Sailor – Sally Fuerst 

Scream Gallery on Eastcastle Street is fast becoming a regular haunt for SF on lunchtimes, the variety of top modern art in recent months, available for commercial sales is a welcome tonic to a day in stuffy London Office.

Justify My Love - Chris Bracey

Justify My Love – Chris Bracey

Unfortunately the cash-money supplies were at a low level so it was purely a voyeuristic visit with no souvenirs for home. Work from a variety of up and coming and slightly more known artists have been brought together for a recent exhibition under the rather unimaginative name of…….. Summer Exhibition 2013

The masters and the fizzy nectar

Picasso on Coca-Cola Crates - Pakpoom Silaphan

Picasso on Coca-Cola Crates – Pakpoom Silaphan

Dali on Pepsi Crates

Dali on Pepsi Crates

Skull Cards

Poker Skull – Jacky Tsai

Religion kills and starts all wars….. at least this is pretty

Son of a Gun - Chris Bracey

Son of a Gun – Chris Bracey

3D Graffiti – It’s next level shit

It is usually 2D, might look 3D but usually it is paint on walls. That is how graffiti has always been, but it is the most flexible of art forms and as such the idea of making it into a 3D sculpture piece is one that is probably natural and it certainly a brilliant one.



A certain Evan Roth took the idea of creating a sculpture through the form of live graffiti artists, using the 1983 documentary Style to then map tags and then create a physical object form. The sculptures are finished in chrome dipped ABS thermoplastic



Anyways, we like it