Things I’ve seen…. Barcelona pt.I

You have to love this city, it is vibrant, the people are cool, the music scene is good and it is home to one of the best festival breaks in the calendar…. more of that next time though.

Caught with nightlife

Got to say that the number of word pieces was immense, some cool stuff and I’ll need another visit without such a huge amount of partying to record more.

Little more pictorial types now. Love a good stencil at StandardFact. Love a lil bit of humour too, the world’s recent rejection of a certain Banksy

The anti-Banksy

Every shop shutter has paint on it, beit paid for street art, tagging, scribbles or original unsolicited pieces. Street art becomes the retail norm

Record shop per chance….?

More to come soon…..

Before festival season…..

Is festival booking season, I was reminded of this today whilst reading the Metro on the tube and spotting an ad for Lovebox, which has improved immeasurably from the shite Groove Armarda on repeat borefest of Clapham Common to the cool East London version which features the super gay Sunday oral aural excitement featuring Horse Meat Disco, Gutter Slut, Azari & iii and the Rapture.

A dancing cartoon cock is still a cock

Only gays can get away with featuring a cartoon cock on the advertisement in a national newspaper. Amazing

In other news, booking my euro adventure this year I am choosing between Sonar, Melt, Garden, Electric Elephant etc etc for my European swaray, I am veering towards a Sonar return but Melt has a ridiculous line up and was amazing last year. Hmmm… maybe both…

UK Festival preview to come…

Dirty Bird – J. Phlip – Top draw Techy Garagey Detroit House

Dirty Bird

I went to Sonar 2 years ago and amongst the amazing performances I saw during that 5 day sleep deprived bender of a weekend was a certain Claude von Stroke. I had managed to miss my flight to Barca, had had to go straight into a testosterone soaked Irish bar to meet my friends (all girls) to watch England under perform in the Coupe de Monde live from S.A. Little did I know that my evening would end on an ear piercing set from Mr v Stroke which basically changed my view of what techno and Sonar was that year. I’d post a picture of my disheveled state but it would plant certain assumptions amongst the reader’s mind….

From his Dirty Bird stable here is an slick mix for I-D online by a certain J. Phlip, click below. There is also an interview with Claude von Stroke, who says the festival to visit this year is Movement in Detroit…. think I might go book a ticket

J. Phlip – Dirty Bird