24hr Cupcakes – Now that is what I am talking about

No trip to NYC would be compete without a Red Velvet, I’d wager that a lil cupcake is far better for the waistline than a burger, chips, pizza or some rotten kebab.

What is the pin code for cake?

Sprinkles Cupcakes have already introduced a 24hr cupcake vending machine in La La Land but I’d sooner go to NYC and they are soon to start popping up there too. The idea of a vended life is not a new one of course, crisps, T-shirts , Nike footballs and even Coke got in on the act and vended ‘Happiness

Cupcakes are very en vogue at the moment and they are darn tasty, how long until we something similar in Soho or even Shoreditch, I give it roughly 3 weeks.

Patrick Cox are you listening?