Taped Up – Max Zorn

On Blue Peter it was all about sticky back plastic, and let’s be honest most of the stuff they made was pretty shite. I was never a fan it was always about Art Attack with the legend that is Neil Buchanan (who follows me on twitter, claim to fame time)

Frankly my dear..... tape it up

Anyways I digress, Max Zorn has taken the idea of working with tape and created a different form of street art. He cuts and shapes tape in layers and shapes to create art pieces which then use light to bring the imagery to life. Zorn uses windows or street lights to display the imagery and although I have not seen them first hand I think it would make a great addition to my fair city as the sunshine has just started shining. It is almost like the street art take on church stained glass windows.

Get yourself over here Zorn, though not sure you need the hoodie…

Spotted on PSFK


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